Stok Kangri – 6153m

Face of Stok Kangri is visible on top right of this page- it does not require you to be a trained and experienced climber. Excellent chance to start climbing with this above 6000m peak.
Climbing Stok Kangri does not require any Himalayan climbing experience. If you have trekked in Himalayas before -you can climb this peak which lies in most scenic places of ladakh. Meet high altitude Shepherds of local villages, untouched and unpolluted culture of Tibet-Ladakh . Monasteries of Spituk and Stok Palace explains the rich heritage of Royal Ladakh.Peak Type : Scree and Rock

Knowledge Required : Ascenind and Descending in scree and rock,

Equipment You Bring: Good Shoes ( High Ankle )

Duration: 13-15 Days


Add On’s : Monastery Tours, Visit to Khar Dung-La, Tso-Morari Lake etc.

Face of Stok Kangri is visible on top right of this page- it does not require you to be a trained and experienced climber. Excellent chance to start climbing with this above 6000m peak.

Standard Itinerary

Take Over Point: Delhi/ Manali

Day 01 & 2 : Drive to Leh from Manali. Manali is overnight travel from Delhi by tourist 2X2 bus. Journey to Leh is dusty,rocky but goes through two high passes Tanglang-La and Lachalunga-La. Tanglang La being 17250 ft. is second highest motorable pass of the world. Entoute our jeep stops at tourist camping place. Over night in tented camping site.

Day 03,04 : Leh -Day for sightseeing tour of Shey, Thiksey and Hemis Monastery. Overnight stay at the hotel. Two days rest should be included when you come to Ladakh- as Leh itslef is situated on high plateu. Guided tour of monasteries is not included in package cost but if required- it is best add on…

Day 05 :Drive to Stok village & start of trek up to Manokarmo – a shepherd encampment- 3/4 hrs. of trekking. We usually suggest people to carry less wt. and walk slow-unless you are having adiquate experience to handle yourself in high altitude. if you are new to such atmosphere- walk with our instructors/guides, take lot of juices/water.

Day 06: Trek to Base Camp. Approx 5 hrs. of walk. If you are reading these lines- do not forget to visit picture gallery to view pictures.

Day 07: Rest Day.

Day 08: Trek to Advance Base Camp.

Day 09: Summit attempt & back to ABC. Stok Kangri climb is scree and rocky. You hardly encounter snow unless you are 70-100m short of summit. As this is “E” route. More difficult and challenging route is from “Right Side” of the picture shown on top right of this page. Actual / Normal climbing route is hitting the left cleft of big “E” slope coming down towards Gulup Kangri ( Both have common caulier) This is a CWM- route to enter and route of exit are same.

Day 10: Back to Manokarmo

Day 11:Reaching Stok Village and then travel to Leh.

Day 12 Rest Day-Local Sightseeing /Shopping

Day13: Fly To Delhi Points To Remember:

1. Leh is well connected by air from Delhi – but we would advice you to make your exit from Leh by air.
2. After we takeover you do not have to pay anything. Takeover point can be Delhi / Manali.

» We require 30% advance to be deposited . You do not need to bring any equipment except your personal medication/s. Kindly note that Stok is national park reserve area and your help in maintaining environmental safety will be highly appreciated.


Expedition Support

We provide guided climbing for trekking peaks, technical and non technical peaks upto 5000m. For any expedition support – We need to verify legality of expedition. Please provide us with your permission letter from Indian Mountaineering Foundation.

Indian Law and Rules For Expeditions

Extract from Foreigners’ Order 1948 issued vide Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs notification No. 11013/4/78-FI of 9.1.1979 provides that:
Notwithstanding anything contained in the Foreigners (Exemption) Order, 1957 dated 9.1.1957 no foreigner or group of foreigners shall climb or attempt to climb any mountain peak in India without obtaining the prior permission in writing of the Central Government on an application made in that behalf through the Indian Mountaineering Foundation and without complying with such conditions, including specification of route to be followed, accompaniment by a Liaison Officer, use of photographic and wireless communication equipment as may be laid down in this behalf.
If any person contravenes the provisions of this Act or of any order made there under, or any direction given in pursuance of this act or such order, he shall be punished with punishment for a term which may extend to five years and shall be liable to fine, and if such person has entered into a bond in pursuance of clause (f) of sub-Section (2) of section 3, his bond shall be forfeited, and any person bound thereby shall pay the penalty thereof, or show cause to the satisfaction of the convicting court why such penalty should not be paid.
Collection of Information before planning the Expedition

All expedition teams are advised to plan their expeditions in such a manner that the schedule or route is not changed and leader/members are not added or substituted at a later date. It may be noted that any change in the schedule or route and addition/substitution would entail a further delay of upto one month in issuing permits. However, deletion of names from planned list does not pose any problem, hence the need for keeping adequate number of reserves is emphasised. Other points for consideration are :
Carefully go through the Brochure issued by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF).
Collect all relevant data and useful information about India in general and peak to be climbed in particular.
In case of difficulty, approach IMF for information and copy of report of successful expedition concerned of yesteryears.
Peaks can be booked and expeditions mounted directly by the leader of the expedition team or through such Adventure Tour Operators only as are listed with IMF.

Processing of Application

It will facilitate processing, if application along with required documents, is sent to the IMF, at least three months before the proposed date of arrival of the expedition to India. If the required details are not received at least three months before the date of arrival of the party, grant of the permit from Govt. of India and issue of `X’ Mountaineering Visa by Indian Embassy/High Commission abroad may get delayed. Also, if any particular detail required in the application form is not correctly furnished, the expedition application will not be processed.
Mountain Safety/ Rescue

Members of the expedition are advised :

To get themselves medically examined before starting on the journey.
To ensure that at least one or two members of the expedition have experience of high altitude climbing.
To bring wireless sets with them or take on hire from IMF, for communication between camps on the mountain and the base camp.
To bring radio receiving sets in case weather forecasts by the All India Radio are required to be arranged by the IMF.
To ensure that environment safeguards are implemented in their programme so that the area and peak visited by them suffers no damage, and is left clean for subsequent expeditions.
Those expeditions desirous of availing rescue facilities through IMF are to deposit, Rupees One Million ( Rs. 1,000,000), OR Equivalent in USD at the time of briefing at IMF and before leaving for the mountain area.
Rescue for all other expeditions would have to be undertaken by the tour operator through their respective embassies.

Assistance from State Government Authorities

On arrival at the last district or sub-division of Garhwal, Kumaon, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, the leader and the Liaison Officer must report to the District Magistrate/Deputy Commissioner or the sub-divisional officer and Superintendent of Police and the Army’s formation headquarters. Expeditions are advised not to engage porters by direct negotiations with them. The district authorities will endeavour to help in engaging porters for expedition, at the prescribed rates and the Liaison Officer will assist in this task.
Insurance Cover

Members of the expedition must have insurance cover for accident risks and ground/ helicopter search and rescue. A copy of the insurance policy is required to be handed over to the IMF at the time of briefing of the expedition in New Delhi. This insurance policy should have a clause that in the event of an accident, all charges connected with ground/helicopter search and rescue would be covered.
X Mountaineering Visa

All the team members, for climbing peaks in Indian Himalaya, must have ‘X’ Mountaineering Visas endorsed on their passports from the Indian Embassy/ Mission in their country before leaving their country for India. However ‘X’ Mountaineering Visa is not required for 113 peaks that are listed in the schedule of Foreigner’s Order 1948 as amended vide MHA, Foreigner’s Division Order No. 25022/26/05- F IV dated 9th March 2007.

Conversion of Tourist/Entry Visa into ‘X’ visa after arrival in India is NOT entertained by Govt of India.
‘X’ visa is endorsed on passports of foreigners by Indian Embassies/Missions abroad only after the Govt of India informs them (Indian Embassies/Missions) that the expedition has been cleared which is normally done one month before the date of commencement of the expedition.
Halt at Delhi before and after the Expedition

All expedition teams are required to plan to stay at Delhi for one working day each on their arrival at Delhi and departure from Delhi for briefing/debriefing respectively and to complete other formalities at the IMF headquarters in New Delhi. Adventure Tour Operators/ Travel Agents
Expedition teams are advised to use the services of Government recognized Tour Operators/Travel Agents affiliated with IMF to carry out administration and liaison work in New Delhi and in the mountains. Adventure Tour Operators handling the expedition will ensure adequate supply of cooking gas and kerosene, insurance of porters and HAPs, provision of good service to the expedition and help to the Liaison Officer detailed by IMF in keeping mountain trails and camp sites clean as also in organizing search and rescue operations when required.
Affiliation of Adventure Tour Operators/Travel Agents dealing with adventure activities is done by IMF on year to year basis to help foreign expedition teams by way of services required by them during the course of their expedition in India.

Ladakhi Peak (5345m)

Ladakhi Peak: Moderate level of peak which requires a little bit of climbing experience like use of mountaineering equipment and walking in snow and ice. This is certainly not for beginners. If you are first time climbing in Himalayas or climbing first time-choose Friendship peak.

Peak Type :Rock, Scree & Snow

Knowledge Required : Ascending and Descending in Snow, Walking in a rope, Rappeling,

Equipment You Bring: Climbing Shoes, Rucksack, Crampons, ( Equipment For HIRE Available)

Duration: 15-17 Days

Climbing Plan { Itinerary For Ladakhi Peak }

Takeover Point Delhi/ Manali

Day 1: Takeover from Delhi airport and travel to Chandigarh. Situated in foothills of SHIVALIK HILL RANGE,this is modern city of North India.

Day 2: Travel start early in morning and we reach Solang Nala ( Manali ) This is 6 to 7 hrs. of journey going through VALLEY OF GODS ( KULLU & MANALI)

Day 3: Rest Day

Day 4 : Trek to Dhundi ( 6 km. walk ) This is shepherd field. Green in laps of high mountains.

Day 5 : Trek to Bakkar Thach 🙁 Shepherd encampment ) Walking for 5 hrs. Going through lush green meadows and ridges.

Day 6: Beas Kund

Day 7: Rest Day

Day 8: Crossing Shitidhar col and establishing ABC

Day 9: Camp1

Day 10 & 11: Summit Attempt

Day 11: Back to Beas Kund

Day 12: Back to Dhundi

Day 13: Back to Solang Nala/Manali

Day 14: Back to Chandigarh and on Day 15 you reach Delhi.

MAKING YOUR CLIMB MORE HASTLE FREE : In case you encountered bad weather- we shall be providing you two spare days for climbing and you shall not be charged for these.

CLIMBING ARRANGEMENTS: We will arrange everything you need for climbing.You are required to bring only your ‘climbing shoes’. SHITIDHAR can be climbed with good pair of snow shoes and we will provide you porters,tented accommodation,local mountain guide,equipment along with veg. food and non alcoholic drinks.

Your stay in hotel is also inclusive in quote and there are no hidden charges as all taxes and relevant levies are also inclusive of quote.


Mount Shitidhar – 5250m

This is an easy climb. Suitable to first timer climbers who want to learn about mountaineering. We conduct one expedition every year on this peak to spread interest about mountaineering among people.

Road Head: Manali / Solang Nala

Peak Type :Rock & Snow

Knowledge Required : Ascending and Descending in Snow,

Equipment You Bring: Climbing Shoes, Rucksack,

Duration: 14 Days -Ex-Delhi Package


Friendship Peak (5289m)

Location: Friendship is situated in Pir Panjal range with hight of 5289m . Roadhead is Solng Nala which is main town in Solang Valley-18 km. from Manali.

Peak Type :Rock & Snow & Ice

Knowledge Required : Ascending  and Descending in Snow, Walking in a rope, Use of ice axe,

Equipment You Bring: Climbing Shoes, Rucksack, Crampons, ( Equipment For HIRE Available)

Climb Itinerary

Like last year-again we are booking climbing in himalayas where you will be provided all infrastructure to climb this 17200 ft. peak. If you are having high altitude trekking experience- just contact us ASAP and get booked for climbing with us.

Most Common Climbing Plan:

Day1: Reaching Manali/Solang Nala from Chandigarh/Delhi

Day2: A short trek on jeapable road to Dhundi.

Day3: Dhundi- Bakarthach

Day4: Rest Day

Day 5: Bakarthach- ABC

Day 6 : ABC- Base Camp

Day 7: Advance Summit Camp/ Summit attempt

Day 8 : Reserve for summit.

Day 9: Back to Dhundi

Day 10: Back to Manali

Day 11: Back to Delhi/ Chandigarh

Requirment For Climbing : You do not have to have any experience of climbing although exposure of high altitude trekking is necessary. Knowledge and use of climbing gear will enhance your enjoyment and comfortability -although we will provide you resources and guidence to climb. Start jogging /running and work out for atleast a month before you climb.

Duration: 11- 13 Days